without unnecessary surgeries and medical procedures
Get rid of varicose veins

If used constantly, the gel helps

  • Heal trophic ulcers;
  • Restore the natural blood outflow;
  • Strengthen the blood vessels walls;
  • Reduce pain in the legs;
  • Decrease the development of blood clots;
  • Improve the function of venous valves;
  • Eliminate soft tissue swelling.
No discomfort (no stained clothes, no sticky skin)

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VaricoSan vein gel


Comprehensive approach is the key to successful treatment of varicose veins. VaricoSan is one of the important components of this approach. Nothing but this gel can gently and effectively eliminate the symptoms of the disease, tone and strengthen blood vessels.

VaricoSan vein gel VaricoSan, applied topically, is considered to be an excellent tool for prevention and treatment. It will become your "lifeline", which should be used first!

First symptoms
  • Pain
  • Burning
  • Heat
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Night cramps
  • Night Tingling

Why do you have varicose veins:

  • You get "varicose heredity" from your parents or other relatives;
  • Sedentary life and work;
  • New-fangled diets poor in fibber;
  • Sitting with legs crossed;
  • Excessively heavy loads in the gym;
  • Hormonal drugs, such as contraceptives or cold remedies.
Healthy vein VaricoSan vein

The effects of VaricoSan gel

Due to its unique composition, this varicose vein gel works effectively and safely. It is able to remove the signs of local inflammation, reduce swelling and pain. When used regularly, this gel improves the condition of blood vessels, strengthens them and increases their tone.

No less important factor is that VaricoSan eliminates subjective symptoms such as "pins and needles", "cold" in hands and feet, fatigue and heaviness.

Expert testimonials

It will be never enough stressing the importance of varicose vein gels as part of the comprehensive treatment of this disease! Their effectiveness is difficult to overestimate, especially when it comes to the modern product VaricoSan. This gel has proven itself, has showed real results in case of patients who were not expecting much.

You can use it at home, preferably every day, gently rubbing into the affected area. The beneficial effect will be surprisingly fast. Patients state that the pain goes away as well as fatigue in the legs and hands, swelling decreases. I confirm this and recommend VaricoSan to all!

Vincent Baker surgeon, 15 years of practice

I am often asked which varicose vein gel according to me is the most effective, safe and gentle. Which gel I would be confident to recommend to young mothers and elderly people. My answer is – try VaricoSan!

Throughout my practice only this gel gave a real improvement, soothed pain symptoms bringing veins in order day-by-day. Many chemical ointments can cause allergies whereas VaricoSan is perfectly tolerated. It is worth trying to appreciate the effect!

Helen Morrison MD, phlebologist

100% Natural formula


Pay attention to the active ingredients!

To chose a varicose vein gel suitable to you, you should read the list of active ingredients which determine the gel efficiency.

- Troxerutin relieves the feeling of leg heaviness and fatigue decreases capillaries permeability and fragility alleviates swelling and inflammation
- Horse chestnut and birch leaves make the vessels walls firm and elastic remove skin micro damages relieve pain, swelling and legs fatigue
- Essential oils of lemon, soybean and coconut deodorize and reduce excessive sweating relieve the feeling of dryness and skin tightness deeply moisturize and nourish skin on legs
- Caffeine, HONEY and Ginkgo biloba take care of skin and tone it stimulate blood flow boost tissue metabolism accelerate the renewal of cells
- Absinthe, menthol camomile and nettle give lightness and power to the legs refresh and desinfect the skin on your legs accelerate the healing of microfractures

gel components ensure an adequate result for the prevention of the disease.

The main purpose of the gel is decreasing and relieving painful sensations and symptoms, blood thinning, toning, strengthening the veins and preventing blood clots.

Features of varicose vein gel:

Increases endurance and performance, relieves bad feelings due to varicose veins: swelling, heaviness in the legs, itching, cramps, protects from tired legs syndrome.

Improves blood circulation
Increases the tone of veins
Reduces the pressure in the veins
Reduces venous stasis
Promotes rapid recovery of the vessel wall
Reduces the permeability and capillary fragility
Reduces swelling
Cleanses and repairs varicose veins
without unnecessary surgeries
without expensive medications
painless and harmless for your health

VaricoSan veins are considered a serious disease, which must be treated right now

Spider veins
Reticular varices
Trunk varicose veins
Chronic venous insufficiency
Trophic ulcers

Customer reviews:

Olga S.
28 years old

After pregnancy, when my baby was born I started having problems with legs. Not only they constantly ached, but also the veins started to "get out." My legs were just covered with venous "bumps" at the end of the day! It looked terrible.

I went to see the doctor, and he recommended me to use this varicose vein gel. He said to apply it twice a day. I saw the first effect in 5 days. At the end of the day the veins looked almost normal, the knots were gone. After a month of use, I noticed that the pain was gone too. My legs were no longer tingling and almost not swollen. I continue the treatment!

Suzan V.
47 years old

VaricoSan veins are my eternal problem! For almost 10 years I can’t get around without ointments, gels and pills. From all that I have tried, VaricoSan is the best gel. It’s not only nice to use and quickly absorbed, but it also helps. It doesn’t cause any itching or rashes like after various pharmacy stuff. I really notice less swelling and inflammation. Although the result is not immediate it's permanent!

Plus, this gel makes my legs feel light. And one more thing, you don’t get used to it. The effect is there even when you don’t use it regularly.

Maria S.
58 years old

I was at the advanced stage of varicose veins. My veins were very visible, the skin was dry. The swollenness and the pain were almost constant. My daughter bought me this gel, I was hopeless though.

I used it for nearly a year, every day, several times a day. The result surprised me. The first thing I noticed - the skin came back to live and recovered moisture. Then gradually the pain and swelling began to disappear. Later, after about a month of use, the venous knots began to decrease. I am still using this gel, because I see the result, and it makes me very happy!

Andrew A.
65 years old

My wife keeps saying that I am in trouble with my veins. I feel it myself. My hands are covered with such spider veins that it’s scary to look. The whole thing hurts, aches, my hands are cold all the time.

My wife bought me this gel. Started to use it. At first - nothing, just a pleasant feeling of warmth. After about 10 days, veins slightly brightened and got smaller. I was excited! Then, after a month and a half I noticed that the pain went away. Apparently thanks to the gel the inflammation disappeared! My veins decreased even more. The “spider web” on my hands doesn’t look so scary and the pain is gone!


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